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I purchased an antenna from I have yet to receive my antenna or a refund, which I have requested.

I have emailed them quite a few times, with only one email response, which was not satisfactory. There excuse was they were out of stock. I told them I would take the next model up or a refund. No reply.

They do not respond to emails quickly as they state in their advertisement! There is no 24/7 tech support! They sure as *** can't guarantee 100% satisfaction!

They are a disgrace to American business! Do not buy from this site!

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1238345

Happened to me too!!!! I got the antenna after several complaints and calls to them.

I can't even begin to explain to you how much I've been through. Now I sent it back and there is NOTHING!! Not refund!

No communication. I was scammed.

Makes me sick.


Unfortunately, I fell for this as well thinking that this company was on the up-and-up. I will from now on, purchase my antennas from a reputable store - in-house. This makes America look even worse than they already do.


I agree, After getting an RMA# from them, and returning the antenna they have not refunded our money after numerous emails. They are a rip off.


I purchased an antenna from them and the gain they said it had did not exist. I sent it back and they kept my money.

This organization is a rip off. Warning: Don't get on from this site.

#974168 is one of America's biggest rip off companies. As soon as they have your credit card information you can depend on one thing.

The are finished with you. Oh, you might get some sort of antenna if they are I really good mood that day, but there is no service, no communication, and you have basically made them a bit richer and got nothing for it other than a mess of problems as you attempt to get your money back.

I am presently working with my credit card company to reverse the recent transaction I made with them. My advice, don't deal with

Huntington Beach, California, United States #962042

Where do I sent my antenna back for my refund ?

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #934177

Had the same experience here. None of the phone numbers work, no reply to emails.

I even called the phone number listed on the packing slip (222)877-8888, which was a cell phone -disconnected.

The antenna simply does not work as advertised.

I am 6=8 miles from the towers, no obstruction-clar view. My old RCA indoor antenna ($12) works better.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #898585

I am having a problem with these people ! Paid for the product but have not received it.

I am filing a complaint thru the Texas Department of Consumer Affairs and the same U S Department of Consumer Affairs !

There is NO REASON these people can get away with what they do to people !They have no telephone number available and Do Not Respond to ANY Emails ! Big Time Scam !





I recieved an antenna and mounting pole and had no hardware with it, sent 2 emails explaining and their response was "what is the problem" I sent the antenna back to them under their 60 money back guarantee. and another half a dozen emails.

with responses like "waht is your paypal email address" like they were ever going to refund me.

I would never do business with this company again.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #752204

Thank God I checked the reviews before buying antenna from them. First of all, i never trust any online website without physical location address and antenna doesn't have one.

The location for accepting returns is just a PO box address to keep them safe and closeout when needed. Thanks for updating the reviews and stop the companies with poor customer service and ripping us off.

Be smart and sometimes its better to pay little bit extra to save from hassles of following up and returning/refunding.

Lebanon, Tennessee, United States #690305

This company does not operate with integrity. The first time I ordered from them the problems were minimal. Needed another part and they sent it. I actually had a phone number to call. That antenna recently was struck by lightening so I ordered again. I accidentally ordered the wrong one because they were the same price. I sent an email asking to talk to someone about my order. Then I sent 2 emails, and lots of emails to which NO ONE would respond. The website is a lie....they have no 24/7 support. Call the number and it tells you to email them. Then they don't answer emails. I finally wrote an email to them telling them how disappointed I was that they had false advertisement and told them about their bad reviews online. Here is part of their response:

Hi Joy, what exactly is your question?

We lie to no one, nor did we even know you are upset or any issues.

No, online reviews only help our search rankings. The more the better, good or bad only brings us more money.

Please let me know if you have a question, happy to help.


On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 9:45 AM,

Really? Bad reviews only bring them more money? Spread the word about their lack of integrity cause I know the universe doesn't work like that. The truth will finally win! :zzz

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #687184

if i bought the antenna , and want to return it do you think they will send the money back ?


About 2 weeks ago I ordered this following antenna from

LAVA HD2805 Ultra G3 Outdoor HDTV UHF/VHF

Antenna with Remote Control (Pre-Assembled)

I purchased it from because I was impressed with the American emphasis (flag and all). I also liked their very friendly writeup reminding the potential buyers that the buyers satisfaction is the most important thing in all their sales.

So I took the bait and ordered it.

Immediately upon opening the box I noticed the unit was smaller that the one I purchased off ebay last years for about $27 less. But I thought, maybe it's more powerful.

The first thing I discovered is the rotor didn't work.

Then I discovered the whole unit was defective.

I sent an email message to I then went online to see if others also had problems with this antenna and seller.

This was the first site I found. I wish I had read this before ordering my antenna.

I filed a dispute with Paypal. NOTE: When ordering online, always use Paypal or purchase through Amazon's buyer protection plan. declined my request for a refund. Therefore I had to escalate the dispute and Paypal ruled in my favor within 24 hours.

Tomorrow I'll return the antenna via a tracking number (which must be sent to Paypal).

Over the years, Paypal has saved me hundreds of dollars. However, I have to pay the return postage so I still end up being the loser in this case. I'm guessing the postage will be near $20 or more.

Even if the antenna had worked it was a very cheaply made unit. I probably still would have returned it.

So, beware!


i am glad i did some looking i was just about to purchase one for a Christmas gift i guess i will go to instead thank you for letting me know that it is all ***. i did send a e-mail and received a return in only 4 days however they did not respond to my question so i did have a idea that they were ***. :(


YES is a Rippoff.

I purchased an antenna from them. They did not deliver it. So, I called them. Their customer service turned to be a recorded voice message. I emailed them and email failed to get any reply.

I got the antenna only after reporting them and complained to Paypal. I paid them using my account with Paypal.

I tried everything with this fake antenna with my neighbour "A technician" it was only getting 6 channels while my other basic TV antenna that I bought for $14.99 was getting 11 Channels on the same TV at the same time

I contacted Paypal again about this bogus product and they send me an email with their mailing address to send it back. I shipped it back and sent Paypal the Tracking number. Paypal credit back my account back.

If you read this post, please don't buy their product...they are bogus cheap fraud people.


I wish I would have read complaints before buying. I tracked package from them to okc.

The package sat in okc then they sent it back to the company. This took about ten days they have severa ext. To dial but all have the same us we respond quick..NOT.

They haven answer,cant call oh.. But did take the money..


In 2011 I was ready to purchase an outside TV antenna and give up my TV cable, in an effort to cut expenses. Mike Monroe TALKED ME OUT OF BUYING A ANTENNA from him.

He actually reminded me of all the cable channels I would have to do with out. He took my zip code and sent me a list of channels I would be able to get with his antenna, but again reminded me of what I was giving up when comparing HIS ANTENNA, versus the TV Cable I was ready to give up. I have yet to MEET A "CROOK", WHO HAD MY CONCERNS AT HEART.

YOU PROBABLE DON'T REMEMBER ME , MIKE, BUT I REMEMBER THE KINDNESS AND HONESTY you showed me and when I read some of these negative posts, I JUST HAD TO TELL MY STORY!!! :grin

to Bob Burchfield #878405



Received antenna in one day. If installation was any easier it would have had to install itself.

Reception excellent.

No need to scan channels unless you have a new TV. :)

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